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Great Customer Uncertainty About The Multicloud Cisco ! Article Pedia

Cisco can solve the challenges they face in the multi-cloud environment.

Digital Network Architecture Be honest, not only with us internally, but also with our partners and customers, Cisco Networking flows through the veins. Not for nothing that the renewed Networking platform is called Digital Networking Architecture. Or our DNA. Our strong market position in networking, unfortunately, means that our other architectures such as Collobaration, Datacenter, Internet of Things and Security are often underexposed. In the past year I have received the question about cloud in a hundred customer conversations. The cloud idea lives, moves and trembles. Yes, you read that right. The great customer uncertainty lies in the right sizing, costs, performance, security, but especially in maintaining control over multiple environments (multi-cloud).

Cloud providers Amazon, Google or Microsoft cannot completely eliminate this uncertainty. And that is why our customers appreciate how Cisco can solve the challenges they face in the multi-cloud environment ..networking, security, analytics, management.

That is precisely the role that we as Cisco play in the multi-cloud world! New technologies In the past 3 years we have invested heavily in developing new technologies such as ACI Anywhere, where we also support our Software Defined Networking (SDN) for application rollout and data center automation in the Cloud. Or Cisco Tetration, where we apply micro-segmentation to the application workload regardless of where the physical, virtual machine or container is run. And then just consider the many acquisitions on CliQr, OpenDNS, CloudLock, AppDynamics and Viptela. The result is a leading software portfolio. Although our products are provided with Application Programming Interface (APIs) as standard, we also work closely with cloud providers. For example, we act as the data plan for Amazon (AWS), where our customers do not compromise on our well-known and excellent support from our global technical assistance center (TAC). Our customers see that open source technologies fall short in this.

Hybrid Cloud Solution with AWS

But there is more, because we are taking the next step to implement our multi-cloud strategy. This step closely matches the needs of our customers. Consistent connection (Connect), protection (Protect) and consumption (Consume) are a requirement. Often, their journey begins with understanding how to build or execute their cloud strategy, which requires the right level of advisory services.

Great Customer Uncertainty About The Multicloud Cisco ! Article Pedia
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